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Britax Marathon G4 and Britax Marathon 70 is a car seat made especially for infants. The main function of this car seat is obvious, it is the car seat that is especially designed for the comfort of the infants while they are being taken somewhere with cars. Taking infants in a car without a proper car seat will not make them feel comfortable and on top of that, caregivers may not be able to concentrate on driving or navigating when they have to pamper the child. For this one reason, the convertible car seat of infants is being produced and brought to the people who have a need of them.

Ultimate Britax Car Seat Guide

Dimensions (")
Britax MarathonMarathon18.5W x 26H x 21D$$$4.8
Britax PavilionPavilion18.5W x 26H x 21D$$$4.8
Britax AdvocateAdvocate20.5W x 26H x 21D$$$4.7
Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat, CongoFrontier19W x 28H x 21D$$$4.6
Britax BoulevardBoulevard18.5W x 26H x 21D$$$4.5
Britax RoundaboutRoundabout18.5W x 26H x 21D$$$4.2


Checking on Britax Marathon G4, the car seat is actually looking so comfortable for infants to stay and be safe while traveling. The seat is designed to provide better comfort not only for the children but also for the caregivers or parents to be more at ease because the children are fine on their seats. This car seat by Britax is designed to be able to face forward or rear with different limitation of weight for each side. With the safety features being included, the seat will be worthy to be considered and many parents who travel with cars know how important this thing is.

The modern technology involvement in the making of this convertible car seat from Britax is one of the keys of the real good product that is loved by a lot of people. The technology is called Britax SafeCell and there is also the system of EZ-Buckle. This car seat for infant is also being designed to be easy car seat to be removed and put in the car. With all of the safety features and the easiness in using the seat, a lot of people love to use this one car seat for infant. This is something that has been proven through the good reviews being left by the people who have experienced using the car seat. Read about Britax Pavilion G4 Reviews here.


Every parent and caregiver will want the children on car seats to feel comfortable. Of course, if they want ordinary comfort, there is no need to but the car seats. So, if Britax Marathon G4 and Britax Marathon 70 is good enough or comfortable enough for children? The answer is a huge yes because a lot of people have proven how the seat is truly a comfortable one. It’s not only about the children but also the parents or caregivers who will need to set the car seat every time it is needed. There is no question on how good the car seat is and many customers agree with the quality of the product is a great one.


Safety is mainly being considered because of obvious reason. The convertible car seat by Britax will always be made y considering safety of the children as well. Britax SafeCell technology in the base of the seat, the power absorbing Versa-Tether as well as the integrated steel bars are being put together to form the great safety feature for children. The combination of these three will result in the lower head excursion plus risks of head injury whenever the frontal impact happens. There quickly adjusted five-point harness and also the system of EX-Buckle are easy to be used and will ensure the safety of children in the seat even more.


Quality is not something can be doubted after checking and reading the good customer reviews. The good reviews from customers mean that the Britax Marathon G4 and Britax Marathon 70 is something that is worth buy. The easiness and the overall quality is just something wanted and expected by the people who bought this car seat from Britax.

Weight and Size

The marathon G4 from Britax is 19.5 pounds and recommended for children with minimum weight of 5 pounds. The maximum weight that can be supported by the car seat is 65 pounds. The dimension of the car seat is 21 x 18.5 x 26 inches. The size is good for being put inside of the car.

Britax Marathon G4 Specs

Product Weight19.5 pounds
Product Dimensions21 x 18.5 x 26 inches
OriginMade in US

Material and Colors

The integrated steel will obviously made of steel and for the particularly good purpose. When looking into Britax Marathon G4, a lot of people can obviously see how the seat looks very comfortable and soft. The seat cushioning is made of plush fabric that is soft and will guarantee the comfort of children. The quality of the material is good and all of them will be safe and serve their purposes very well when being used. This one car seat from Britax will have four options of color. Two of them are the solid green and black and the other two have camouflage pattern of cow and giraffe. Read about Britax Advocate G4 Reviews here.

Britax Marathon Kiwi

Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat, Kiwi

Britax Marathon Cowmooflage

Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat, Cowmooflage

Britax Marathon G4 Pink Giraffe

Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat, Pink Giraffe

Britax Marathon Onyx

Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx


How To Install a Britax Car Seat


Britax is a good brand and very well established with the good quality and reputation. The experience and technology of Britax can be seen clearly in the design and experience felt by customers. A lot of customers of this one convertible car seat mentioned that Marathon G4 is a real good car seat. It is more than just adequate car seat for the small children and all of the features presented in the car seat serve their purposes very well. The functional safety features, the comfortable and easiness in setting and cleaning are the key reasons to like the car seat.


Britax Marathon G4 is a good car seat for children but no matter how perfect it may seem some people still encounter problem. This car seat is suitable for small children but not for bigger children. Children may fill the car seat soon enough and may even outgrow it soon. This is something needs to be considered further by parents or caregivers.


Overall, Britax Marathon G4 convertible car seat is one good product and have satisfies every single buyer who are searching for the good car seat for their children. As mentioned above, the car seat is not too big and might be outgrown soon by the children. But the quality and all of the safety features in the car seat make the car seat a worthy one to be purchased.

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Britax Marathon
Convertible Car Seat
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