Graco Smart Seat Review

This Graco Smart Seat review will cover the Graco Smart Seat All-in-one car seat. This is a seat that will last a very long time because it can convert from a child weighing just five pounds right up to a child that is one hundred pounds. The base stays in the car so it just needs to be installed one time. This seat has been tested for side impact and has been engineered to be a safe seat with both the seat and the base reinforced with steel to ensure that it is not only strong but also very durable.

Product Description

This is a car seat that has a solid base that installs using lower latch anchors or the seat belt in your car. An extra base can be purchased separately if you have more than one vehicle. The lock off device is only for use with a seatbelt. There are lower latch connectors that lock down the base whether you have your child in a rear or front facing position. The tether strap at the back of the seat secures the seat inside your vehicle. There is no need to uninstall the base of the seat when you switch the seat from a rear to forward facing position.

Ease of Use

  • The Graco Smart Seat all in one car seat is simple to use. You simply place the child in the seat if they are an infant – in a rear-facing position, or if larger, in the forward facing position.
  • The seat can then be fastened and indicators on the base will change color – yellow is NOT locked and GRAY shows that the seat has been securely locked.
  • Two plastic red levers pop up if the seat is not locked into place correctly.
  • The one hand adjustable head rest can be easily adjusted to suit your child and there is a no thread harness.
  • Armrests flip up, making it easier for the parent to remove the child from the seat or for the child to get out of the car.


This seat can be reclined so that the child is comfortable with a wide and comfortable seat. There is plenty of padding around the head area and extra padding is also provided in case you need to make certain adjustments.


The seat does have indicators that will show when it is correctly snapped into its base correctly. The Graco All in one car seat receives a five star rating in consumer guides because it is a very safe seat. It is also easy to install correctly and the labels are clearly visible at all times so anyone can determine if the seat is within its expiry date. Read again my Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 car seat review here.


The Graco Signature Series Smart Seat is manufactured with quality materials and one of the best convertible car seat. The seat has steel reinforcement and the material is durable and can be easily wiped down to remove any stains or dirt. The seat cushion is machine-washable, the harness straps can be spot cleaned and the buckle can be washed with a damp cloth.

Material and Colors

The material is durable and there are several colors available (Rosin, Jemma, and Ryker). One popular pattern is the Jemma.

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  • The Graco Signature Series Smart Seat is a wise choice for any parent because it is an all in one seat which means that it will last from infant to an older child up to one hundred pounds which can last for a very long time with most children.
  • The harness does not need to be re-threaded if you remove it.
  • The seat can be easily switched from rear-facing to forward-facing without too much trouble.
  • The Graco Smart Seat base is quite low cost so you can purchase several if you have more than one vehicle.


  • The seat is quite large and wide and is not suited to smaller vehicles.
  • The seat is quite heavy, so it is not a good one if you need to carry it often.


The Graco Smart Seat all in one convertible car seat is a wise investment for that parent on the go. It is perfect for the smallest child right up to an older child and will carry children up to 100 pounds. Once the base is secured in your vehicle, all you need to do is clip the car seat into it and you are ready to go.

The Graco Smart Seat tops the list of the best all in one car seat because it offers flexible options for installation and use. If your child falls asleep in the seat, you can easily recline the seat and allow them to be more comfortable. Many car seats just don’t provide that kind of flexibility.

This is a great car seat because it is probably the last seat you will ever have to buy. You may think that the price point is high, but when you consider the fact that you only have to purchase one seat that will last for the duration of your child needing a car seat, this is a great choice.

Graco Smart Seat Ratings
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Safety
  • Comfortable
  • Quality/Durability


Graco smart seat all-in-one car seat – It is perfect for the smallest child right up to an older child and will carry children up to 100 pounds. If your child falls asleep in the seat, you can easily recline the seat and allow them to be more comfortable.

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Graco Smart Seat
Convertible Car Seat
4.2 / 5 stars